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Building Tomorrow Together, an initiative by Roche, is looking for Digital Health solutions for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. The program brings together several key players in the health ecosystem in Portugal and around the world with start-ups and innovators from all geographies.

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Dementia is a broad, and delicate term. It is a wide-ranging condition that can imply the loss of several faculties such as memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities.

It directly impacts the daily life of those who suffer from it and the lives of caretakers, family and friends. Its most common form is Alzheimer’s, but there are over 100 types of dementia: awareness is key, so that diagnostics can be made as early as possible.

Besides connecting the ecosystem, Building Tomorrow Together – Innovation in Dementia aim is to create the needed awareness for dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s, establishing the dialogue and addressing the needs of this community, solving its challenges.

A Life of Challenges

Nowadays, there are very limited therapies that could fundamentally alter the course of dementia. To add to it, there is a short capacity in specialized care, and different levels of quality of care.

As overall capacity to treat dementia is limited, we’re looking at the need to improve the care and support provided to people with dementia and their caregivers, and encourage cooperation among healthcare professionals.

The digital health technologies’ help in this area is still to be explored in depth.

It can help both the lives of patients with dementia as well as the lives of the people surrounding them, whether by clarifying the doubts and stigma that mark this disease, or to help in their daily life – from early diagnostics to the remaining patient journey.

A World of Solutions

The main objective of Building Tomorrow Together is to connect the best startups and the program’s partners – the relevant stakeholders in the dementia ecosystem – to test solutions in an open innovation environment.

The program will be focusing on the patients’ journey and their well-being, bringing innovation and technology as an extra layer of help and improvement in the area, in particular.

Startups applying to Building Tomorrow Together, must have technological solutions that may help and tackle:

Disease Awareness & Prevention

Fight stigma around dementia and help society prevent, detect and deal with the disease.

  • Disease Awareness & Education on Ageing
  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
  • Dementia Risk Assessment & Tracking

Early & Enhanced Diagnosis

Diagnose patients earlier but also better: with less invasive, fast and effective methods while making holistic patient evaluations for personalized and humane treatment and care.

  • Primary Care Education
  • Solutions for more accurate referrals (eg. from Primary Care)
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Non Invasive, Fast and Effective Diagnosis
  • Holistic Patient Evaluation
  • Financial and Other Risk Assessment (eg financial abuse risk, driving risk, social and family abuse risk)
  • Solutions for Standardized Patient Protocols Towards Diagnosis

Improved Treatment & Care

Support patients and families to deal with and manage the disease. Support care teams to provide better and integrated care around.

  • Standardized and Personalized Care Plans
  • Treatment Adherence Promotion
  • Patients and Disease Remote Monitoring
  • Solutions to Allow for Integrated Care
  • Centralized Patient Information Registration
  • Non Pharmacological Treatment & Care
  • Support and prolong  patient autonomy and integration in the community
  • Patient and Carer information and support

The selected startups will be working side-by-side with the programs’ partners and develop pilot projects together. They will be able to take the most out of the areas’ experts and test their solutions with the partners.

Timeline of the Program


Startups will be applying to the program by filling out the application form.

Online Pitch & Selection

Selected applicants will be performing an online pitch, as part of the selection process.
The program’s jury will select the most suitable startups to participate in the Bootcamp.


Startups and Partners will get to know each other, assess needs and define fit.

Pilot Co-design

Startups and Partners will be co-designing their pilots, together.

Implementation Phase

Pilot definition and implementation will be ongoing throughout this phase.

Sharing Event

28th March 2023

The day to show the results of the collaborative work done in the last months.


Ongoing Pilots

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