Building Tomorrow Together – Innovation In Dementia

Terms & Conditions Of Application And Participation

When you submit your application form to participate in the Building Tomorrow Together Program you agree to the  following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) in relation to your application for, and if selected, participation in, the Program.

Section one: Conditions of Application

Eligibility Criteria

In order to eligible to apply for the Program, you must:

  • Be incorporated (in any country), and provide proof of that registration if requested by the Program Members;
  • Offer a product or service solution in at least one of the following recruitment categories:
    • Disease Awareness & Prevention
    • Improved Treatment & Care
    • Early & Enhanced Diagnosis
    • Note that start-ups with business models that are based solely on consulting are ineligible to participate.

  • Have a prototype ready (not idea-stage).

Selection in the Program and Indicative Schedule

Applications meeting the minimum criteria outlined in these terms and conditions will be reviewed by Program Members for potential participation in the Program. Program Members will contact you if more information or clarifications are needed about application materials at any stage during the selection process. Based on application materials, start-ups will be selected by the Program Members for participation in the Program

The decision of the Program Members on the successful applicants is final and at the sole discretion of the Program Members.

The proposed schedule for application and selection process is as follows:

Event Date (Indicative only)
Applications open October 16th 2021
Application closing time December 5th 2021


The schedule above may be subject to alterations at the Program Members’ discretion. All references to time in these Terms and Conditions are to European Central Time (CET).

Application Submission and Closing Time

Applications must be submitted electronically via F6S before the closing time. The Program Members may consider an application submitted after the closing time but have no obligation to do so.

Selection Criteria and Evaluation

The criteria Program Members use and how the criteria will be applied will be decided by us in our discretion, but is likely to include our assessment of your:

  • Team – Credible team, quality CVs, relevant qualifications/experience;
  • Produt – Clearly innovative or disruptive, differentiated from existing solutions, scalable, exhibits sustainable competitive advantage potential;
  • Market – Large addressable market to facilitate significant sales growth;
  • Business Model – viable business model based on credit commercial and economic assumptions;
  • Program Fit – Fit with the program and the Program Member’s challenges;


You will be advised in writing of any decision made with respect to your application promptly. There is no obligation for Program Members to provide reasons for acceptance or rejection of applications.

Costs of Application

Participation in the application process is at your sole risk and expense. You will bear all costs of and incidental to the preparation of your application and participation in the application process.

Conflict of Interest

You must identify and notify Program Members of any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest that you have in relation to this application or your participation in the Program. If you fail to notify, or you are unable or unwilling to resolve the conflict as required by Program Members, your application may be excluded from further consideration.

An existing commercial or legal relationship with a Program Member is not a conflict of interest but you should include details of the relationship in your application.


You agree to provide Program Members with information about your assets, business or other affairs for the purpose of or in connection with:

  • applying to participate in the Program;
  • allowing Program Members to consider your application;
  • a sua participação no Programa; e
  • your participation in the Program; and
  • allowing one or more Program Members to identify and commence separate discussions about potential commercial or legal relationships between you and the Program Member (Agreed Purpose).

The Program Members each agree to keep all information you provide to us for the Agreed Purpose (Confidential Information) secret and confidential and will not disclose the Confidential Information to any person without your prior consent or as otherwise expressly permitted in these Terms and Conditions. The Program Members each agree to use the Confidential Information only for the Agreed Purpose.

This undertaking of confidentiality does not apply to Confidential Information:

  • which was known by the receiving party prior to the other providing the Confidential Information;
  • which is or becomes available to the public (other than by unlawful means);
  • which becomes available (other than by unlawful means) from a source other than the disclosing party and that source is under no obligation to the disclosing party to maintain the Confidential Information in confidence; or
  • which is required to be disclosed by the receiving party by rule or law or by regulation of a Stock Exchange which has authority over a Program Member.

You acknowledge that the Program Members may disclose the Confidential Information to their respective directors, employees and advisors for the Agreed Purpose, provided that such persons have first been made aware of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information and have agreed to comply with this confidentiality undertaking.

The obligations of confidentiality will continue for a period of 3 years from the closing time for applications.

Ownership of applications

All applications become the property of the Program Members upon submission.

Intellectual Property Rights

You grant each Program Member a licence to copy, adapt, modify or do anything else necessary to all material contained in your application for the purposes of:

  • evaluating and clarifying your application;
  • if selected, your participation in the Program; and
  • a Program Member considering potential commercial or legal relationships between you and the Program Member outside the scope of the Program.

You acknowledge that the management and protection of your intellectual property is your sole responsibility, both during the application phase and if selected as a participant, during your participation in the Program.

Misleading Claims, Improper Assistance and Anti-Competitive Conduct

In preparing your application and participating in the selection process you must not:

  • make any false or misleading claims, statements or other representations;
  • engage in any collusion, anti-competitive conduct or any other similar conduct with any other person;
  • use the improper assistance of any Program Member employee, or any improperly obtained information; and
  • violate any applicable laws regarding the offering of inducements.

Program Member Rights

The Program Members reserve the right at any time and for any reason to do any of the following:

  • suspend, vary, amend or cease to proceed with the Program selection process or Program;
  • vary or amend the application form or evaluation criteria;
  • consider and accept or reject any application that is non-conforming or received after the closing time;
  • vary or extend any time or date relevant to the selection process or Program;
  • call for new applications;
  • terminate participation in the selection process by any person;
  • allow any applicant to change its application;
  • publish or disclose your company name whether successful or unsuccessful; or
  • take such other action that we at our discretion consider to be appropriate.

Any time or date in these Terms and Conditions is for our sole convenience and does not create an obligation on us to take any action by such time or date.

Section Two: Conditions Of Participation In The Program

Benefits for successful applicants

Participants will be able to partake in the Program will interact with the program partners to develop collaboration opportunities.

During or at the end of the Program, you may receive the opportunity to engage with the partners of the Program and/or receive strategic investment by one or more of the Program Members, however this opportunity is not guaranteed. Any commercial relationships or opportunities you are offered are subject to separate negotiations and agreements with the relevant Program Member and do not form part of the Program.

Participation in the Program

If you are selected to participate in the Program your startup must:

  • give consent for your company name to be associated with this Program and used by Program Members to promote the Program or themselves;
  • share requested information about your company and products with all Program Members. Confidential Information will be protected by the confidentiality undertaking in section one and data protection processes explained in section three;
  • commit to scheduling and attending periodic inter-program calls with peer Participants in the Program and with mentors in the Program;
  • provide to all Program Members the details of relationships entered into with individual Program Members as a result of the Program, and output and results of such relationships. This information is to be provided during and after the Program.

Termination and variations

The Program Members reserve the right to terminate a Participants involvement in the Program at their sole discretion if:

  • the Participant breaches these Terms and Conditions; or
  • if the Participants employee(s) engage in inappropriate (as determined by Program Members) or illegal behaviour or are disruptive to overall group cohesion.

Participants will be given prior notice before they are terminated from the Program.

Program Members may also terminate or make changes to the Program, in each case for any reason at any time. Participants will be given notice of such termination or changes.

Acknowledgment and waiver

Participants acknowledge that their participation in the Program is at their sole risk. Participants may withdraw from the Program at any time or make alternative arrangements for travel, accommodation or meals (at their cost). Program Members will have no liability to Participants for any loss or damage arising in connection with the Program, including personal injury, property damage or economic loss (except in relation to a breach of the confidentiality undertaking in section 1). Program Members must not make a claim against any Program Member for any such loss or damage.

Section Three: Data Protection

To know more about Data Protection and how we manage your data, please read our Privacy Policy.

Section Four: Definitions And Interpretation


Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meaning in these Terms and Conditions:

Participant means a start-up who has been selected by the Program Managers to participate in the Program.

Program means the Building tomorrow together – innovation in dementia  more fully described at

Program Members mean:

  • Roche
  • Beta-i
  • Luz Saúde 
  • Hospital Lusiadas 
  • Hospital CUF
  • Hospital São João
  • CNS
  • Microsoft 
  • EIT Health
  • Bial
  • Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian 
  • Alzheimer’s Portugal


Program Members may be described as us, we, or our throughout these Terms and Conditions.

You or your means an applicant or, after selection, Participant.